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My Inspiration to Start This Forum "Rapture Flight to Heaven"

My Inspiration to Start This Forum "Rapture Flight to Heaven"

On April 7th, 2009 Rapture Flight to Heaven came into existence!


                                                          Happy 7thth Anniversary RFTH April 7th, 2016...Thanks be to God!


Jesus, my Lord and Savior is the greatest inspiration in my life!  I am indebted to the Lord for eternity, for what the Lord has done for me in my life.  His love, mercy, compassion, is beyond and above all; it surpasses all understanding.  Without God, I am nobody, nothing; with God, through Jesus, I am His child, daughter, His very own.  I love the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, one God in three persons.  I choose to serve the God of Jacob, Isaac & Abraham.  I long that everyone would be saved through Jesus, God's only begotten Son, who died for all sinners.  For all have sinned and have come short of God's Glory.

The Lord our God, The Father, Son & Holy Spirit, has done so much in my life, bringing me back several times from deaths door, and saved me from destruction by the hand of the enemy whom lurks in the dark, seeking whom it can destroy and devour.  His Angels have delivered me from harm, and protected me while I was in danger.  His Holy Spirit, has comforted me, many times in my life.  His love has sustained me, and given me hope in the life to come with our heavenly Father.

My sins, are forgiven through God's beloved Son, Jesus, whom willing sacrificed His life for me, & all sinners, therefore, we will spend eternity in His presence forevermore.  Through Jesus' sacrifice, and  our willing acceptance of this gift from The Lord our God, had bestowed upon me, the baptism of His Holy Spirit.  The Lord's Holy Spirit guides and teaches me of God's ways, which are much higher than our ways.  God our Father in Heaven, has taught me, to experience, the joys, and sadness of life, and how to be grateful to know that no matter what I experience, the Lord is with me. Learning to lean on the Lord's understanding, not on my own, by bringing all things in prayer to God, for confirmation.  The Lord taught me that He works all things for good for those who love Him; "I Love Jesus".  I always try to remember to give God all the Honor & Glory which rightfully belongs to the Lord.

The Lord our God, has taught me to boast in the Lord, never on my accomplishments, because without God allowing it, I couldn't take my very next breath.  Therefore, let us never entertain, the spirit of pride.  Pride caused Lucifer, a beautiful Angel of Light, to fall from Heaven, and become, a hideous demonic entity, Satan, who wanted to exalt himself above God and His Throne.

The Lord is not finished with me as yet, and I will most likely, continue to learn throughout eternity, what pleases God, and what must I do to please God first, here on Earth and in Heaven.

Thanks be to God, for His loving kindness and mercy, for sending Jesus to die in my place on the cross for me and all sinners; Through God's only begotten Son, we are reconciled with God the Father; for God the Father & Son are one through the Holy Spirit; Holy Trinity, One God in three persons.  Amen!


On April 7th, 2009, Rapture Flight to Heaven came into existence!

My Inspiration to Start This Forum "Rapture Flight to Heaven" 

Jesus Coming for His Bride at the Imminent Rapture!  Maranatha!

Rapture Flight to Heaven 

Jesus makes his entrance on a cloud
Trumpets sound, and a shout is heard 
His voice beckons to His bride "Come up Here!"
His peace floods the bride's place on earth,
As she senses His presence is at the door. 
His light shining brightly beams from the sky 
For His bride to behold the sight of His presence above! 

"Come away with Me now my precious Love! 
No more will you have to long for my coming!
For I have given My life for all, I have returned for you.
I've paid the ultimate sacrifice!
For your soul, spirit, mind and body alike"!

"Come quickly, Come up to meet your Bridegroom!
My beloved, I have prepared a place for you in heaven
where you shall dwell with me in glorious splendour! 
For eye has not seen nor ear has not heard
what I have prepared for those whom love Me!"

"I have chosen you; 
In turn you have accepted Me!
You have professed your love for the great I AM!
Your loving and longing for 
My appearance has been your utmost desire!
Faithfully, watching, waiting, praying day in and day out
For this day to arrive!"  I have come, come away with Me!

You have prepared and made yourself ready, 
Holy, without spot or wrinkle. A beautiful Bride I behold!
I therefore, have accounted 
You worthy to take you as my bride 
And present you to the Father!

In a silent split second of a moment! 
Her eyes gaze up into heavenlies!
Immediately, she sees the radiants! 
Brilliant beams of light from His eyes; 
Shining down with such agape love 
Flowing straight into her very own!
She is speechless to see Jesus standing in
All of His Majesty and glory!

This is the moment she has been waiting for; 
Waiting for so long!  It’s here at long last, no longer a dream!
She smiles, a smile of sheer surrender.  Take me home my Lord!
Breathing a sigh of relief while lifting her arms UP to the Lord
As overwhelming joy fills her innermost being!

A smile of peace, oh what release 
From these earthly bonds at last! 
She is deeply in love, in love forevermore with Jesus! 
Finally, finally, the day has arrived, He’s here!
He has come, He has come, her heart sings!
She greets His love with hers in return!
In a twinkle of an eye her body is changed liken
Unto the Lord's!  Redemption of her body has taken place.
Gently she is lifted UP by God's Holy Angels attending her side. 
To meet the Lord in the vast Eastern Sky!

Somewhere in a distance she hears divine praises of worship! 
Joyful heavenly choirs burst into song!
Singing, "Jesus is bringing His Bride home" Let’s welcome her home! 
A multitude of Saints singing along with the Angelic hosts! 

Leaving behind everything as the sunsets on her earthly life! 
For the Son of eternity will be her Lamp unto her feet both day & night!
Shining His light on the straight and narrow path, 
She will never stumble in the dark again!

Jesus is the Light of the world!
Light of her divine eternal Life in Heaven!
No need for the Sun to shine for
The She is pleased with her King of Kings!

He takes her by the hand, 
Sweeps her off her feet as they soar like birds in flight!
The Rapture Flight to heaven takes place!
As they ascend into the clouds together!
Multitude of Angels accompany 
The Lord and Bride on this journey!
Like a whirlwind, they are whisked away 
Disappear out of sight! 

She is forevermore surrounded by His Glory, 
Wrapped gently in His Divine precious love!
Forever united in God's Heavenly Kingdom, 
With her One true love and she His precious Bride! 
Jesus Her beloved Bridegroom, 
Son of the One True Living God! 

by Valerie