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Jesus' Timing - Comparing Why First Fulfilled Then & Second Coming to Earth, Will be Fulfilled Now, Present Timing.

Brady asks a question:

Jesus' Timing

Why did Jesus show up on earth the first time when He did? Why not 100 years before hand? Why not 100 years later? Why that particular moment on the timeline did God send his Son? What was it about that particular moment in history that made His timing perfect, and can we glean anything from that that would apply or be relevant to the timing of the rapture?

Perhaps it’s because we as humans, despite out best intentions, were beginning to get it all wrong. The godly had begun to place their reliance in understanding and knowing God into the Pharisees. And as we all know now, they were getting it wrong. Their interpretations were either incorrect or selfish… or both. One of the things Jesus did while He was here was get us back on track. Man wasn't made for the Sabbath. The Sabbath was made for man, was just one lesson.

Without naming any names, religious leaders, or denominations, I think we can all think of some who purport themselves to speak for God or Jesus, but to those who go straight to the Source in prayer on a regular basis, we can usually spot them easy.

All of this to say, we all know the wicked are already “getting it wrong”. Perhaps Jesus is just waiting for even the righteous to get it wrong – which would certainly explain how even the elect will be fooled in the end times.

So again, my question to you – why do you think Jesus showed up the first time when he did? What made that particular moment in history the perfect time? And is there any comparison to that perfect time to our current time?

Your thoughts, please

My Reply:

Jesus' Timing

Hi Brady,

That's an excellent question that you asked Brady, let me try and take
a stab at it, although it's very late, so I'll try to make it short.

You asked 'Why that particular moment on the timeline did God send his Son? What was it about that particular moment in history that made His timing perfect, and can we glean anything from that that would apply or be relevant to the timing of the rapture?"

The Jewish people were oppressed and suffered much, for centuries and were looking for a Messiah to come and lead them into battle and free them from their oppressors, their enemies, whom throughout the years had kept them captive, in some form of bondage.

They had waited and watched for the signs of His coming, to set His people, the Jews, free from all types of bondage. It was a perfect time in History for Jesus to come because they were watching for the coming of their Messiah. However, when Jesus came they didn't recognize Him as such, because He came as a sacrificial Lamb of God, and not as a warrior, to fight the battle like he will at Armageddon. They were looking for someone like the Lion of Judah, who Jesus truly is, and will come as in the future, but they were wrong in their thinking at that time. They never expected a "Lamb, they were looking for a Lion" instead.

Remember when Jesus said in John 5:43 (King James Version)
Jesus came in His Father’s name and the Jews did not receive Him, and yet the Anti-Christ will come in his own name and the Jews will receive him, as their Messiah.

John 5:43
King James Version (KJV)
43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

They didn't recognize that only through God's precious Son Jesus, who was and is blameless, without sin, the ultimate sacrifice was made for the sins of the world; for all humans, have sinned and have come short of God's glory. They were blinded from seeing the truth. However, in the meantime, Jesus the Son of the Living God came to teach them about God the Father, and how much God loved them by sending Jesus to
die in their place for their sins. The Father sent Jesus to teach them how to live and please God and even how to pray to God the Father, “The Lord’s Prayer”.

They had no idea, that Jesus came to die for the sins of the world, therefore, they rejected Him, because in their minds set, He wasn't the Messiah they were looking for, One who would come and do battle physically, for them and setting them free from their enemies.

Some Jews realized and came to believe that the Lord came to make the ultimate atonement as a living sacrifice for their sins, and became His disciples, His followers. Many others rejected Him, and doubted that this was their Messiah, even John the Baptist in prison, had a momentary doubt if Jesus was the promised Messiah, even after baptizing Jesus and hearing voice from Heaven that Jesus was God's beloved Son. For John too was expecting a warrior type of Messiah too and questioned himself. When John asked: “Shall we look for another?

Christianity was born, through the first followers of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, and after Christ's, crucifixion, death, Resurrection & Ascension to Heaven, the Christian began watching for the second coming of their Saviour Jesus; while the Jewish people continued to watch for their Messiah's first coming. This was because now through so many centuries the Christians were being persecuted for their faith in Jesus, losing their lives for their faith. Even to this very day, Christians are still tortured, and put to death, for refusing to renounce their faith in Jesus.

These are the days Jesus spoken about His return, His Second Return to Earth, when He said it would be liken unto the days of Noah, when evil was abound. No doubt we are now living in the most evil times in History once again. Born Again, Christians are crying out to others, to come to the Lord, and at the same time crying out to God to send Jesus, because, they need Jesus to come and rescue them, and do battle for them. For evil
is waxing worse and worse as each day passes. Jesus is coming to remove the Church first, because He has heard her cries, and He is also Coming to save the remnants of His chosen people the Jews, at His Second Coming to Earth to do the battle for them to set them free, like they expected so very long ago. To bring down their enemies at long last.

They least expected their Messiah to come, and die on the cross. Therefore, they assured themselves that this couldn't possibly be their Messiah, for they didn't understand the greater purpose.

Jesus commanded us to watch for the signs of His Coming, and when we see them come to pass, to lift up our eyes and know that His Second Coming near and is at the Door. Therefore the Rapture which has always been imminent happens before His Second Coming to Earth. Therefore, if we watch, we wouldn't be caught unaware, and know without a doubt how very close we are for His coming at the Rapture.

If a person knew that a thief announced he would come to their house, they would constantly, and vigilant be watching that a thief doesn't break into your house. This person will make sure he is prepared at all times. He won't be caught unaware, because he was expecting the thief to come, but didn't know the "Exact day or hour he would show up".

Therefore, it is the exact same thing when we are constantly watching for the Lord, because we are expecting Him to come at any moment, however, we don't know the "Exact day or Hour" of His Coming yet we know Jesus is coming at any given time because of the signs we've been watching of His coming written in scripture are coming to pass, almost on a daily basis. It will happen at the exact day and hour God so desires.

We know we are in the timing for Jesus to come, and we are not wrong about it, because we have be on constant watch, watching what is happening to Israel, because it affects us as well. The Jews will see their/our Messiah Jesus Coming at the Second coming to do battle for them, and then they shall beat their breast and lament, like they would over the death of their own child, when they recognize that Jesus is their true Messiah, who has come to rescue them, and set them free for good.

Jesus first came to redeem our soul, and now He is coming to redeem our bodies at the Rapture. The Lord is coming to give us our just rewards, and to punish the wicked for their evil deeds.

When we least expect it, and are down and out saying, when will our Jesus our Messiah come. That is exactly when Jesus will come. Therefore, be encouraged, the Lord, has not forgotten the Jew, nor His Bride, He is Coming "when we least expect it, when we think not, because of failed dates etc., the Lord is Coming"

The Lion of Judah is Coming this time to do battle, and to set up His Kingdom here on Earth.



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